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Totally Blew Me Away

HERO 2020 Professional Bundle

"After working 27 years in Law Enforcement...I'm pretty familiar with the various types of lethal weapons available on the market today. Recently, I developed an interest in non-lethal self defense systems...which lead me to Hero. The more I explored Hero...the more I gained an appreciation for the product. After speaking with Dave Clemons (Ceo-Co-Founder) and learning more about his vision for his company... I decided to place my order. This product not only met... but exceeded my expectations. In fact... Hero Totally Blew Me Away. Hero is a new and innovative product that should be seriously considered by anyone who is looking for a non-lethal self defense system."

- Al

A Must Have

HERO 2020

"As crime increases in the area I live, I was looking for some self protection short of a hand gun. I found the Hero 2020 to be the answer. I couldn’t wait to test it using the training cartridge. The Pava ball is shot at quite a force and would stun the suspect. Between the sting of the ball and the Pava powder the subject won’t know hit him. With the head light and the laser, it is easy to aim. The trigger pull feels good, not too long, not too short. The safety is easy to turn off without looking. I would highly recommend the Hero 2020 for anyone looking for self protection but may not want a hand gun."

- Barry

Easy to use

HERO 2020

"I have a young son and didn’t want to have a handgun around. This is a fantastic alternative for self defense. I found it really easy to use right out of the box. The cartridge was very simple to take on and off and the overall product looks and feels really well made. Definitely recommend it."

- Josh

Better Than Expected!

HERO 2020

"I was pleasantly surprised when my 2020 arrived. It's got some real heft to it, you can tell it's not just cheap plastic. The size is nice too, not too big for a woman's hands. I tried the training cartridge and was surprised how much power there is when you fire. It packs a punch! The powder did just what it said it would, covering a good sized area where I fired. Anyone you shoot with it is definitely going to be caught in the middle. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and feel better having it with me when I'm out and about!"

- Heather

Trying Out HERO 2020

Living and working remotely means being prepared for anything. Lori and her Mom felt the power, reliability, and simplicity of HERO 2020 - a great fit for their lifestyle!

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