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General Questions

Who is HERO Defense Systems?

Are HERO® products made in America?

How do I get support?

General Product Questions

What is PAVA, the active ingredient in HERO® products?

Is it legal to use in my state?

Is there any training for my product available?

Are there options or accessories for your products?

Do products come with a warranty?

Can I use your products on animals like bears?

What do I do if exposed to PAVA

Product: HERO 2020

What is HERO 2020?

How much is HERO 2020?

What does HERO 2020 shoot / What is a PavaBall?

How do cartridges work?

Can I reload cartridges?

Ordering and Returns

How do I order?

How does shipping work?

Do you have any discounts?

Can I get a discount for bulk purchases?

I have an issue with a product, what do I do?

How do I return my product?