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$161.10 | $179.00

Fire powered aerosol irritant gel that sticks, disabling the target for up to an hour. Includes 120dB alarm and fits in your pocket or purse.

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HERO 2020

$264.60 | $294.00

Launch projectiles that explode on impact, engulfing the target in a cloud of debilitating irritant. Equipped with laser sight and stun light.

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How Our Products Work

HERO products utilize PAVA, a synthetic form of capsaicin, known for its intense heat and irritation properties. PAVA binds to the receptors that send pain and heat signals to the brain, causing targets to experience intense burning on the skin (as if exposed to scalding heat), difficulty seeing, fits of coughing, and discomfort for up to an hour. There are no long term effects. Used and trusted by police, security, and military around the world, PAVA stops attackers in their tracks – so you can get to safety.

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About Our Products

HERO 2020

Unparalleled quality in less-lethal protection. Uniquely engineered nitrogen powered system launches irritant filled projectiles up to 175FPS from 20 feet away.

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Powerful blasts of sticky and debilitating chemical irritant gel. At the size of an iPhone, AIIRO is easily concealed in a pocket, purse,
or bag. Includes 120dB Alarm.

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Trying Out HERO 2020

Living and working remotely means being prepared for anything. Lori and her Mom felt the power, reliability, and simplicity of HERO 2020 - a great fit for their lifestyle. Check out the video to see these ladies in action!

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Quality at Home

We're passionate about building and supporting less-lethal products that save lives. That's why we only work with suppliers and manufactures who share our commitment to product safety, testing, and quality materials. HERO and its employees are located in the United States and available to answer any questions you may have.

Shipping Restrictions

We are unable to ship active ingredient products to: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. If you ship an order to another state, check your local laws before bringing our products home.

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State Laws

While the active ingredient in our products is legal in all 50 states, certain restrictions apply. It’s important to know the laws in your state before you purchase or use our products. Breaking state laws could result in fines or even jail time.

State Restrictions