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HERO 2020 Active Cartridges 5 Pack

State Restrictions

Contains 5x Active PavaBall Cartridges. Does not include HERO 2020 Launcher. Signature required for delivery.

Filled with powdered PAVA (also known as capsaicin) PavaBall explodes on impact, creating an ultra fine dust cloud that surrounds the target, causing an immediate reaction. Those caught in the cloud experience burning sensations on their eyes and skin as well as lung irritation for up to an hour. Blinded, coughing, and in pain, attackers are disabled - allowing potential victims to escape and seek help.

PavaBall's large area of effect makes it a great choice for wide open spaces and outdoor areas. Each 3g projectile contains 10% PAVA (active ingredient). Cartridge holds two projectiles.

Save 10% off retail price with this bulk product!

Cartridges available in limited quantities to customers who have purchased or are purchasing HERO 2020.

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