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HERO 2020 10 Pack

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This bulk order bundle contains 10x HERO 2020 Retail Kits. Save 10% off retail price with this bulk product!

Self Defense Product of the Year! HERO 2020 offers unparalleled quality in non-lethal protection. A unique nitrogen powered system launches PAVA filled projectiles up to 175 feet per second from 20 feet away. Projectiles explode into a cloud, engulfing the target in debilitating chemical irritant. Equipped with stun light and laser aim assist, it's compact size makes it easy to conceal and carry wherever you go.

Quality at Home

We only work with suppliers and manufactures who share our commitment to product safety, testing, and quality materials. We're located in the United States and available to answer any questions you may have.

Specs & Features
  •     Compact Size: 5.91" x 4.07" x 1.1"
  •     Light Weight: 297g / .65lbs
  •     2 Shot, Quick Change Cartridges
  •     Double Sided Safety
  •     Rechargeable Battery: 2hr charge time
  •     600 Lumen LED Stun Light
  •     Class 2 Laser Aim Assist
  •     Powerful Nitrogen Based System
What's Inside

There are 10 kits in this bundle. Each kit contains the following:

  • HERO 2020
  • Soft Case x1
  • Trainer Cartridge x1
  • Active Cartridge x1
  • USB Charge Cable
  • User Guide & Warranty
  • Training Information
  • Registration Information

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Customer Reviews

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